Refrigerator Repair


A refrigerator is generally at the heart of the kitchen. It is essential and keeps food fresh be it meat or vegetables. A broken refrigerator is one of the worst problems one can face. It leads to food being thrown away as they go bad. This is why issues regarding a faulty refrigerator need to be addressed immediately. You should hire a repair company that fixes your appliance in the same day itself.

Well, look no further. Curtis Weston Appliance Repair is happy to help. We will solve all your refrigerator related problems quickly and on our first visit itself so that you are not compelled to throw any food away.



This is probably the most common problem faced by people. This might arise due to any of the fans and motors in the appliance like the fan motors for condensation or evaporation not working correctly. Try to locate where the noises are coming from so that we may come prepared accordingly and your appliance can be fixed immediately.


Our native technicians can fix these kinds of issues too. Refrigerators may leak for various reasons. Some due to a damaged input valve for the water and others may be due to the door latch not closing correctly. To fix these problems on the very first visit our vans are adequately stocked with all required parts.


Firstly check if the appliance is connected to a power source adequately and whether the miniature circuit breakers of the kitchen are not turned down. If however the device still does not turn on it might be because of damage to the compressor burden relay or due to malfunctioning of the temperature control.


Ice maker unable to make ice is as redundant as it gets. What is the use of it if it cannot do the one thing it was meant to. Do not worry however as we can fix this too along with ice makers that are too slow or form ice cubes with odour. These problems generally arise if parts like the water pipe and valve are faulty or if the temperature is not suitable.


Faulty or damaged input pipe for water or dispenser actuators can cause the water dispenser to not work correctly in a refrigerator. This is a pretty uncommon repair of a fridge but not one we cannot fix. All required parts to set such a problem on branded refrigerators like Whirlpool, GE, Sears along with others like Sub-Zero and GE.


This problem leads to condensation issues and leaks since the door of the refrigerator does not close or if it has a broken latch. Seals, hinges can be fixed to ensure the door properly closes or opens. We can also fix the gaskets to take care of the same. A broken refrigerator door can also result in temperature variation and hence spoil food. Bulbs in the refrigerator or freezer can easily be repaired or replaced as the case may be.